May 19th

Refurbishment and new conference rooms unveiled

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Working with a team of architects and interior designers, the Institute has a phased refurbishment plan which began in 2013 and will complete in 2015.  The first phase was to redevelop under-utilised space into offices and a new webinar suite, which opened up space within the building to create new conference and meeting facilities.

“Our aim was to create a suite of rooms in our venue portfolio which had flexibility to accommodate a variety of difference conference and meeting requirements”, said Nigel Dean, Head of Commercial Operations at Roffey Park.

To meet growing demand for conference space, the new Forest Suite includes a dedicated Boardroom which includes integrated video-conference and webinar equipment, a larger meeting room as well as smaller rooms for interviews or coaching sessions.  The Forest Suite also includes a dedicated Conference Organiser’s space as well as separate webinar facilities.

The Institute is already well underway for its third phase of development which includes a total refurbishment of its restaurant and kitchen facilities due to be complete by September, as well as introducing a ground source heating system which will benefit the Institute for years to come.

“We’re really excited about plans for our restaurant”, said Nigel Dean.  “Over the last two years, we’ve seen a growing demand to cater for larger numbers with different requirements ranging from an enhanced dining experience for our participants, private dining for corporate organisations as well as dinners and buffets for wedding parties or private events.  As a result we’ve increased the floor plan and designed a space which will make our restaurant the hub of our venue.”